Favorites of Today (Rock Isn’t Dead)

Sheer Mag is a Philadelphia 5-piece that carries the torch in memory of bands like The Rolling Stones, Kiss, Them, New York Dolls, and Bowie; but with their own twist, fronted by powerful female vocalist Tina, who pours her heart and soul all over these groove driven hard power pop jams. With nasty gritty guitars, poppy garage drums, reverb and echo drenched vocals and lead solos that rip through your heart to your inner wild child, they’ve got everything you need to know about Rock and Roll’s condition in the modern age.



The Liquids are a wild gang of four from Indiana. The Midwestern boredom must be what drives these snotty little punk rock and rollers. With covers of Rocky Horror classic “Sword of Damocles” and tongue in cheek bangers like “I Killed Donald Trump”, they know how to have fun, and they really want you to have fun too. With enough frenetic energy to power a small city, they kick off their amazing EP Blinding Flash, with the title track accordingly. Its 1,000 mile per hour, breakneck driving pace gives that Ramones chill up your spine, but the voice has that nasty bratty sneer that irritates you in all the right ways.



The Coneheads are almost a sister band to The Liquids, sharing members and sharing live shows frequently. Also hailing from Indiana, these guys/gals must be content with their homestate as they aren’t nearly as aggressive as their counterparts, The Liquids. With a very DEVO driven feel, they have a gimmick, in a sense, and what a great gimmick it is. They sing… like The Coneheads. The classic Dan Aykroyd, Jane Curtin, and Laraine Newman characters from the Golden Era of SNL. They play electronically flavored disjointed punk rock and roll with a little bit of flair for the glam days of old. A lot of fun and a lot of noise, they’re some of the greatest current rock you can find.



Barbed Wire hail from the world’s greatest city (according to that city)… NEW YORK. They come straight from the home of the New York Dolls. They have that swagger, that fuck you attitude that used to make Rock and Roll so great. Doing whatever you feel like is really the truest test of a band, whether or not it’s within the “norm”, and these guys do whatever the hell they want. With rockers like “The Thunderhead” and messier jams like “Chrome Lust”, you get where they’re coming from, and you know they’re going somewhere on the bad side of town. This is “Bad Shit” music. Music that describes the going ons of “Bad Shit”, the originators and kings of “Bad Shit” music are The Rolling Stones, and these guys carry that haggard street star bravado that struck a fire so many years ago.



So there’s a quick 4 to keep your eyes on buddy. Never let your guard down and never stop fighting.


Sonic regards,